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This series air starter is a starting device, adopting compressed air as its power to start diesel engine. This series starter adopts pre-engaged connecting style to start the engine which is more stable and reliable.

1.High starting torque enables starting with load, fast and reliable to start and stall.
2.Concise structure, compact in size and light in weight, easy to operate and convenient to maintain.
3.Stable under inflammable, explosive, outdoor. Wet, damp and other extremely conditions.
4.Widely used in medium and large-scale diesel engines for ships or generator unit.
5.The pre-engaged starting style (output gears of motor and gears of diesel engines pre-engaged) makes the starting more reliable and stable.
6.Rotating direction of this motor can be realized by changing by installation direction of the inner stator. (View from the output gear side of the motor)
Working Pressure Max Power Parameter at Max Power
Output Gear Speed Output Gear Torque Air Consumption
MPa KW r/min N.m L/s
0.4 6 1740 27.4 7.4
0.5 7 1945 34.4 93.5
0.63 10 2180 43.8 113.8
0.8 14 2460 54.3 146.3
About YS Safe Power
With a history spanning 47 years, YS has served a wide variety of industries including marine, mining, manufacturing, material handling, inland terminal, and construction to name a few. No matter how diverse the applications, one thing connects them all – YS moves it all from big to small. YS products are manufactured to the highest industrial and quality standards because your application is our application.
Superior quality is designed into everything we manufacture. Every product YS manufacture must meet our strict quality standards or it doesn’t carry the YS name. Our quality management system is certified to ISO and API standards. All inspection tools are maintained and calibrated regularly as required under the ISO standard. All new products are rigorously tested to ensure performance and durability.
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