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According to COMAC, the overall project for the first C919 passenger plane divides into two phases. The first phase is to connect body. C919 airliner’s body is designed by Development and Research of Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd.
The second phase is to install airborne system, the way development and installation of airborne system is more difficult than that of body connection. The person in charge of this project said that airborne system includes cables, conduits, systematic equipment, engine, seat and cockpit. At the same time while installing, debugging is under way.
Until now, there is no clear evidence identifies any problem when the time for final assemble of C919 was being delayed. However, one insider who has close connection with Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd said that it is common that the company has faced challenge and breaking in for supplier management when it produces the large airliner for the first time according to standard set up by Civil Aviation Administration of China by adopting new component materials and new technology used in the airborne system. Different from the way foreign airline manufacturer directly purchasing parts from suppliers, C919 has taken many leading roles in areas such as selection of 16 international suppliers as GE、Honywell and CFM, promoting establishment of avionics, flight control system between international suppliers and domestic companies.
Aircraft industry has won the reputation as the flower of industry. Airliner project has promoted transformation and upgrading of traditional industries in China, lifting the overall level of Made in China. At the same time, it is common that we will take roundabout and time consuming when pushing forward such industry. In comparison with safety, it is no big deal time being delayed. Aircraft Maintenance Facility manufacturers

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